UniValve: Making your engine fitter for the future

Until now, the gas exchange of gasoline engines has always been associated with pumping losses. The reason is that the throttle body has to be closed for part load operation. UniValve fulfils engine designers' longstanding goal of achieving through-adjustment of cylinder charge control to meet changing operating conditions by means of variable valve timing.

Thanks to this, as well as a compact design and uncompromising use of roller contacts throughout the system, UniValve has a high speed capability with low mechanical losses. Reduced parasitic losses and pumping work lead to reduced fuel consumption decrease.

An electrical actuator provides precise and quick valve control from full valve lift down to zero valve lift. UniValve delivers outstanding fuel economy, dynamics and power.

UniValve provides the following advantages for gasoline engines:

  • high speed capability
  • favourable frictional behaviour
  • good response
  • inherent cylinder deactivation
  • up to 12 % improvement in fuel economy

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