Oil Pumps

Exceptional durability and efficiency. These are the criteria we apply to our oil pumps. After all, developments in engine technology are especially becoming increasingly more complex. Hydraulic valve timing, lightweight aluminium engine blocks - today's engines are developing an increased appetite for oil and lubrication. In parallel the power consumption of the pump must be reduced as much as possible to minimize CO2 emissions.

Our conventional oil pumps of all types are undergoing continuous development. We offer our customers a broad range of individual solutions for all engine applications and needs. Around the globe, our mechanical oil pumps are used on commercial vehicle engines delivering between 300 to 600 hp. These pumps are remarkable for their efficiency and extended service-life besides meshing perfectly with existing systems.

As auto industry suppliers we are taking care of the need to minimize CO2 emissions and have developed ready for series production fully variable-flow vane pumps for constant oil pressure and automatic adjustment of oil flow across the engine's entire speed and load range. The consequence: less power intake for fuel savings of between two and five percent.

We are looking ahead confidently that the future belongs to continuously variable-flow pumps allowing pump output to be most flexibly adapted to engine temperature, speed, and load. An ingenious control system on our variable vane pumps eliminates the power losses sustained by uncontrolled pumps. The system uses a pressurized adjusting ring that reduces eccentricity versus the rotor and hence pump output. The variable oil pumps come with various control options: mechanical, hydraulic, thermostatic and electro-hydraulic. On the latter, the engine controller regulates pressure and oil flow, depending on the engine's operating and load conditions. A lower-cost option: two-stage pressure control using a simple ON/OFF solenoid valve.

The electro-hydraulic version has a very good cost/benefit ratio and represents tomorrow's state-of-the-art. There's no forecasting the future. The future needs to be invented.

True to this formula is the electric transmission oil pump, an innovation employed on hybrid vehicles and automatic transmissions for maintaining oil circulation or developing the necessary control pressure. Putting together our huge experience in high performance EC motors and efficient mechanical oil pumps we develop highly sophisticated electrical oil pumps with integrated or stand alone controller. It has a reputation for its low noise and low power intake.

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