Continuous Casting

Continuous casting is an absolutely reliable method of producing premium-quality metal semi-finished products in form of tubes, solid, flat, square, hexagonal, octagonal rods as well as special-profile sections. It distinguishes itself by highly uniform distribution of the alloy components, boasting a stress-relieved structure and being insensitive to cracking while featuring high tensile strength. These characteristics provide outstanding functional reliability, making the castings excellently suitable for chipping and chipless forming.

Since the early 1960s, the specialty of KS Gleitlager has been to offer its customers a wide range of copper alloys (non-ferrous metals) in continuous-casting quality. This offer comprises a great variety of gunmetal (copper-tin-zinc alloy) and bronze (copper-tin alloy) materials as well as similar alloys which are produced in compliance with the standards of DIN, EN, BS, ASTM, etc.

For many years we have been the European market leaders in this segment and have succeeded in constantly strengthening this position further. The most significant success factors on which we rely are strict customer orientation, our highly appreciated reliability and a quality standard that it is able to meet even the most exacting demands. Maximum operational performance of our quality management system, which is an essential prerequisite for this, is fully confirmed through regular re-audits by the certification authorities.

Besides customized product solutions, we are offering our customers from the machinery and plant construction, valve and fittings sectors as well as the automotive and shipbuilding industries, a wide range of articles ex stock, made from the materials GC-CuSn7ZnPb and GC-CuSn12. We can thus ensure that our customers are supplied with these articles in a minimum of time.

For further product information, your personal contacts from our continuous-casting sales organization are at your entire disposal at all times.

Director and Sales
Manager Continuous Casting
Mr. Wasmuth+ 49 4961 986 117+49 4961 986 166
SalesMr. Krüger+49 4961 986 341+49 4961 986 166
SalesMr. Reiners+49 4961 986 113+49 4961 986 166
Outbound LogisticsMr. Thumann+49 4961 986 491+49 4961 986 166
Outbound LogisticsMrs. Sürken+49 4961 986 150+49 4961 986 166
Outbound LogisticsMrs. Glade+49 4961 986 314+49 4961 986 166
Outbound LogisticsMrs. Wilkens+49 4961 986 120+49 4961 986 166
Senior Manager
Engineering Casting
Mr. Tammen+49 4961 986 138+49 4961 986 166
QualityMr. Brümmer+49 4961 986 114+49 4961 986 166
Purchasing MetalsMr. Schmitz+49 4961 986 349+49 4961 986 331
Purchasing MetalsMr. Henseleit+49 4961 986 127+49 4961 986 331

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