Switzerland's AMX fair

Solidteq exhibiting 3D metal printing

AMX, Additive Manufacturing Expo, will be held in Lucerne, Switzerland, on March 6 and 7. The event ranks as an important trade fair for professional 3D printing. Solidteq GmbH, a Rheinmetall Automotive company, is making its debut and displaying innovative solutions for 3D printing with metallic materials intended specifically for the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors.

On a stand of around 12 square meters, the exhibits will chiefly be reflecting the Company's broad value-adding chain, specifically the four project phases offered from a single source by this start-up: from planning via the development of a 3D model and printing to mechanical finishing and quality assurance of the workpieces.

Ralf Dahmen, Sales & Marketing: "AMX is an opportunity for us to showcase our expertise and Solidtec's portfolio to a broad market. Our exhibits address a wide and interested public, potential new customers and existing ones. Our objective is to convey the design latitude, time-savings and cost reductions that additive manufacturing delivers in this key technology."

As a member of the international first-tier auto industry supplier Rheinmetall Automotive, Solidteq has been specializing in Selective Laser Melting (SLM) for six years now and was only recently spun-off by its parent to be able to offers its expertise to external customers as well. The Company's line-up includes extensive capabilities in additive manufacturing and mechanical finishing which it combines with a vast expertise in prototype development and simulation.

3D printing has practical application potentials as an innovative key technology in various branches of industry. The range of applications stretches from rapid prototype construction to the manufacture of small batches. Right from the start, the technology has met with considerable customer interest. In order to address rising demand, Solidteq commissioned further SLM units at its production location in Neuss last year.

The advantages of 3D printing are its sometimes extreme time savings: via CAD data, customers quickly obtain a fully functioning product on a par with series products in terms of quality and material structure. Besides consistent material properties and the shortened production process, there are possibilities of tapping innovation potentials and a high level of efficiency.

Dahmen points out: "We see ourselves as a pioneer and driver of this innovative printing technology which can be used profitably above all in the automotive sector besides other industries. Our profound know-how has grown over years of practical experience. It is very important for us to be able to advise and accompany our customers in such a way that they can cope swiftly and readily with potential design obstacles."


About Solidteq

Solidteq, a Rheinmetall Automotive AG start-up specializing in 3D printing with metallic materials, bundles extensive group-internal expertise in additive manufacturing and sees itself as a driver of industrialization in this key technology. Target groups include the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and other sectors requiring short product development cycles or wanting to generate additional competitive benefits. The young company combines the advantages of a start-up with the solidity and established infrastructure of a major group. Its longstanding experience in Selective Laser Melting ensures high process robustness and profound know-how and understanding of the technology.

With 3D printing, customers quickly obtain a fully functioning product on a par with series products in terms of quality and material structure. Besides consistent material properties, benefits include a shorter production process, improved functions, and high economic efficiency. Solidtec attaches vast importance to comprehensive customer guidance and advice in tapping innovation and optimization potentials.